Duwamish Soccer League
DSL logo
The Duwamish Soccer League logo
Country Flag of Duwamish Duwamish
Confederation AIFF
Founded 1986
First season 1989
Divisions Northern Conference
Southern Conference
Number of teams 10
League cup(s) Duwamish Cup
Current Duwamish Cup Kalama Kangaroos FC (4th title)
Most championships Montero FC (5 titles)
Current season title Montero FC
Website Soccerball current event.svg 2010 DSL season

The Duwamish Soccer League is a Duwamish profession league for soccer clubs. It is the country's primary men's soccer competition. Contested by 10 clubs, its regular season runs from the final weekend of March or first of April until late October. Most of the total 360 games are played on weekends, with few weekday games. The league formed in late 1986, but didn't play until its fourth team joined prior to the 1989 season. Since the original four teams in 1989, six others have joined in expansion, separated into the northern and southern conferences. In 1995, there was a league-wide players strike that canceled the season. As part of the new contract, the teams couldn't be owned by the league and an annual All-Star game is played every year since 2006.

The league participates in one domestic cup, the Duwamish Cup. The top eight season finishers, four from each conference, participate in a playoff in November leading up to the finals. A total of seven teams have won the Duwamish Cup, Montero FC has won five and Keller City FC is the only club to have won during their inaugural season.


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