Duwamish Trade Center
Former/other names 1 Front Street (1989–1997)
General information
Location 1 Front Street South
Dawson, KA, Duwamish
Status Complete
Groundbreaking May 13, 1989
Constructed 1989–1991
Opening June 30, 1991
Use Commercial offices
Antenna or spire 1,115 ft (340 m)
Roof 1,085 ft (331 m)
Top floor 1,085 ft (331 m)
Technical details
Floor count 83
Elevators 7
Cost $500 million DHD
Companies involved
Architect(s) Xyloxadoria Architects

The Duwamish Trade Center, formerly 1 Front Street, is a skyscraper located in Downtown Dawson, Kalama. The building houses several companies, including the Duwamish division of the Eurasian Multinational Group and the Dawson branch of the Duwamish Stock Exchange. At 1,115 ft (340 m) tall, the building is the second-tallest in Dawson, after the Dawson Tower, and fifth tallest in Duwamish.